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Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions


​1. GTC validity

1.1 The GTC are applicable to any use of the More Than Care website, (hereinafter – More Than Care), communication via e-mail or other means, telephone calls, customer enquiries and/or provision of the services.

1.2 By visiting or using the website or communicating with More Than Care, the user or customer acknowledges that he/she has read through the GTC and fully accepts them as binding.

2. Registration

2.1 All registrations are made either via the booking tool on the website or by e-mail.

3. Deregistration

3.1 Care, hairdressing appointments, individual lessons, group lessons, home visits, consultations (initial consultation) and all other bookable More Than Care offers and services must be cancelled in writing at least 48 hours before the relevant appointment, otherwise the costs will be charged in full or deducted from the subscription. Missed offers or appointments cannot be re done or refunded.

3.2 Events, seminars as well as workshops must be cancelled at least 2 weeks before the start of the course, otherwise the costs will be charged in full.

3.3 In the event of absence without cancellation, an administrative fee of CHF 50 will also be charged.

3.4 Cancellations prior to festive days are to be notified on Friday evening (by 6 p.m., CH time, at the latest). This applies analogously to the recognised festive days of the Canton of Zurich.

3.5 More Than Care reserves the right to cancel at short notice the care, hairdressing appointments, individual lessons, group lessons, home visits, consultations (initial consultation) and all other bookable offers of More Than Care due to extraordinary events, such as illness or accident on the side of More Than Care. The costs incurred will not be charged.

4. Rules regarding behaviour

4.1 More Than Care will  keep the dog in a  appropriate way related to its species and behaviour and to observe the Animal Welfare Act and its provisions.

4.2 All dogs must be vaccinated, chipped, de wormed and completely healthy. Should the dog be ill or show behavioural problems, the owner is obliged to report this to More Than Care in advance. This also applies if a dog is in heat (dogs in heat cannot be send to daycare).

4.3 The dog owner assures that his dog is healthy, free of contagious diseases and has the following vaccinations. Should the vaccination not have been carried out properly, More Than Care is entitled to withdraw from the contract at the financial expense of the dog owner.

4.4 The dog owner warrants that the dog has received at least the following effective vaccinations: Rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirosis, kennel cough and KENNEL COUGH BOOSTER.

4.5 The dog owner assures that the dog is de wormed regularly and effectively.

4.6 The use of Leash is compulsory in the car parking lot, in the shop, on the training ground and on the surrounding grounds. Dogs may only be let loose on the express instruction of  More Than Care. Participants are obliged to pick up their dog's mess.

4.7 In the event of inappropriate or unsuitable behaviour, More Than Care reserves the right to exclude the person from the booked offer without issuing a course confirmation or other confirmation and without refunding the costs. There will be no contact between the leashed dogs without prior arrangement with More Than Care. Sufficient distance is always kept from the other human-dog teams.

4.8 If the dog and owner is more than 10 minutes late, More Than Care reserves the right to decide whether or not the dog will still be admitted to the requested service.

4.9 More Than Care reserves the right to change the location of the booked service for operational reasons if necessary. Any claims as a result of the change of lesson location are excluded.

4.10 More Than Care reserves the right to cancel or postpone all offers and services in the event of few participants or extraordinary events. Any claims as a result of the cancellation are excluded.

4.11 The dog owner undertakes to collect the dog on the agreed date and time. In the event that the dog is not collected, the dog owner will be charged for the costs incurred.

4.12 More Than Care must be informed by the dog owner of any foreseeable delays with regard to drop-off and pick-up times. All costs in this regard will be borne by the dog owner. If More Than Care is busy or booked at this time, the dog owner can pass the dog on to another kennel of his/her choice for further care, however, at the dog owner's financial expense.

4.13 If the dog is not collected, it will be handed over to a shelter of More Than Care’s choice after 3 days. The costs incurred in this connection will be charged to the dog owner.

4.14 Food is provided by the dog owner or food costs, but at least CHF 5.- per day of care, will be charged additionally. Likewise, the dog owner shall endeavour to hand over any medication required by his/her dog to More Than Care.

4.15 The dog owner authorizes More Than Care to commission a veterinarian to treat the animal, should this be necessary. The costs arising from the treatment will be borne by the dog owner. More Than Care is obliged to contact the dog owner immediately before/during the visit to the vet. Journeys to the vet cost at least Fr. 30.-

4.16 In the event of a fight or scuffle between the dogs, they will be separated and, in the event of injury, treated by a veterinarian. If the originator of the fight or scuffle can be clearly identified, the owner of the dog shall bear all costs incurred. Otherwise, each dog owner shall bear the veterinary costs for their own dog.

4.17 More Than Care reserves the right to muzzle the dog if necessary.

4.18 More Than Care is authorized to take other measures to maintain the business and without consulting the dog owner.

4.19 The dog owner is obliged to contribute to the maintenance of order in the More Than Care establishment.

5. Insurance and disclaimer

5.1 Accident and liability insurance is the responsibility of the participants or the dog owners.

5.2 During the booked offer, the dog owners bear the responsibility and liability for themselves, their dog and any accompanying persons. The dogs must be insured for liability in accordance with the legal requirements. This is the responsibility of the dog owners.

5.3 In the event of theft, loss or damage to property by a participant during their stay at the venue, More Than Care is only liable in the event of proven intent or gross negligence.

5.4 More Than Care accepts no liability whatsoever for material damage, personal injury and/or financial loss resulting from the use of the exercises shown, nor for damage, injuries caused by participating dogs. The participant is liable for any damage caused by him and his dog. Any accompanying persons are considered participants.

5.5 More Than Care liability for injuries that may result from the dogs' free play is also excluded.

5.6 More Than Care does not guarantee the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected. More Than Care accepts no liability for direct or indirect references to Internet pages.

5.7 The dog owner is liable, among other things, for the following damages or for all resulting costs:

- Damage to persons and property caused by his dog despite all care and precautions taken by More Than Care

- For illnesses of his dog or the resulting necessary treatments;

- For injuries to his dog caused by his own behaviour;

- In the event of infection of other dogs through concealment or ignorance of an illness of his dog or parasites brought in by him;

- In the event of cover resulting from a dog's concealment of her being in heat.

5.8 If the dog causes damage, escapes or runs away despite the usual supervision, the dog owner is liable. Furthermore, the dog owner assumes liability for any damage or injury caused by the dog to people and/or animals.

5.9 Items belonging to the dog owner such as baskets, blankets, leashes, toys, etc. are not considered brought in. More Than Care accepts no liability for damage to these items.

5.10 If, despite all care and precautions, a dog should perish, escape and not be found again or be stolen, the dog owner explicitly and fully waives any compensation or claim for damages.

5.11 If, contrary to the owner's statement, the female dog should be able to be occupied, More Than Care accepts no responsibility for any unplanned occupancy. More Than Care / Dog Affair is not responsible for the costs and subsequent costs arising from the pregnancy of the dog and the puppies born.

5.12 If the dog owner violates or disregards these terms and conditions or More Than Care instructions, More Than Care liability is excluded.

6. Payment

6.1 Payment is possible by card, TWINT or cash. More Than Care is authorized to decide if and when invoices are issued and informs the relevant customers.

6.2 The price list is part of these GTC and can be found on the websites 

7. Social Media

7.1 All video and photo recordings made during courses or other services (daycare, grooming, etc.) are subject to a right of use for further training and/or publication on the More Than Care website and other social media. Participants who do not agree to this must notify More Than Care in writing before the start of the course or service at the latest.

7.2 The dog owner agrees that More Than Care may use photos of the dog on promotional material, advertisements, on social media without giving names.

7.3 All More Than Care documents and documentation are protected by copyright and are for personal use only. This also applies to the content and images on the website. Any reproduction or distribution is only permitted with the express written consent of More Than Care.

8. Disclaimer

8.1 The content and links available on the More Than Care  website are for information purposes only. They do not establish a legal relationship between the website visitor and More Than Care. Any liability for possible damages resulting from the use of the website or the information available on it is excluded. In particular, no liability is assumed for the topicality, completeness and correctness of the contents. Liability for links to third-party websites and the content of such websites is also excluded.

9. Validity of the GTC

9.1 Any invalidity of a provision of the GTC shall not lead to the invalidity of the remaining provisions of the GTC.

9.2 Deviations from the GTC shall only apply if agreed in writing.

10. Applicable law

10.1 Applicable law is exclusively Swiss law.

11. Place of jurisdiction

11.1 The place of jurisdiction is determined by the location of More Than Care (Zürich).

Special Terms & Conditions for Daycare services

1. Admission Daycare

1.1 Before the dog is admitted, an introductory meeting with the dog owner and a trial stay for the dog will be arranged. The duration of the trial stay is determined by More Than Care. The registration form for the trial stay must be signed and received by More Than Care before the trial day.

1.2 More Than Care confirms the admission to the trial stay by e-mail. From this moment the registration is considered binding.

1.3 Only after a trial stay the definite confirmation of admission follows by e-mail. From this point on, the admission is considered binding.

1.4 More Than Care reserves the right to refuse participants or dogs without giving reasons.

1.5 Dogs in heat will not be accepted into care.

1.6 Sick or injured animals can be admitted only in consultation with the attending veterinarian.

1.7 More Than Care reserves the right not to accept a dog that shows symptoms of an illness and furthermore to withdraw from an already concluded care contract for this reason and at the financial expense of the dog owner. This also applies if the owner has not provided any corresponding information or given any corresponding advice by the bring day.

1.8 Packing list for the dog

- On the day of the trial: Vaccination certificate with current vaccinations and microchip number.

- Dog food, if applicable.

- Possibly medication.

- Collar and leash (NO CHAIN COLLAR or AIR TAG or BATTERY OPERATED devices due to risk of injury during play);

- Winter and rain clothing (Only if your dog has such and it must be worn).


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